Big Fat Unilever and the Diet Heart Hypothesis

This unadulterated episode of 8RD+ Versustakes features the Dutch-based EUR 53.3 billion revenue conglomerate Unilever in the world of FATTY ACIDS. As a theoretical framework we are probing the subjects of asymmetric information, impression management, planned obsolescence, and of course my favorite term FRAGILITY. In laymen terms, we are talking about who controls the markets […]


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2 Fast 2 Furious Need 4 Speed (High-Frequency Trading) Antidote

Introduction. This is Part III in my (7/.V) article series “In the Hands of a Few” (ITHOAF) with a touch of Tokyo Drift of the action movie series “The Fast and The Furious” (F&F). Too much drift can be deadly: Saleen Automotive Inc. – an American manufacturer of specialty high-performance sports cars with the slogan “Power in the Hands of a Few” – […]

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