Before the beginning.

Like number Five, this blog deals with “travel, adventure, and motion” of alternative investments. “Instability, unpredictability, and radical changes” are characteristic to risky investments, and these are the key characteristics of number Five, too. Often, in radically changing or challenging times that fortunes are made or lost. At the time of writing this entry, this rings true enough. And should there exist seemingly still waters, one should always expect a change to lurk around the corner. That is the core of risk management, a topic that will be discussed over and over again from different aspects in the course of this blog, I expect.

In this blog, there will be two different personas writing on rather unpredictable time-intervals, and their perspectives may be significantly different from each other, leaving much room for comments, which are welcome. Whether the reader should take their advice seriously and invest accordingly is purely for him/her to decide, as the two personas will not take any responsibility over the readers’ potential investments or other physical actions. That is to say: The usual disclaimer holds. The two personas may or may not have open long or short positions in the assets discussed, and the reader is advised not to assume either way.

The name of this website should be rather obvious, so I will leave that to the reader… Bet your stakes and let the games begin.


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